The Undertones

The Undertones (CD)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SALVOCD017
Barcode: 698458811721
Playing Time: Over 1 hour

Appearing in both the Q magazine list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever and the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die"the Undertones debut LP is a bone fide pop-punk classic. Appearing here with no less than 17 bonus tracks including singles, B sides, Peel Sessions and the video to Teenage Kicks here is over an hour of classic timeless Undertones including Teenage Kicks, Jimmy Jimmy, Here Comes The Summer and You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It). Also includes a 20 page colour booklet with new sleevenotes by bassist Michael Bradley.




Marking 30 years since its initial release, this reissue is a treat. [Joe Shooman - Plan B]

In a world where their fellow punks sang of wishful anarchy and imaginary tommy guns, The Undertones had seen enough of the real thing at home in Derry and so sang of the really important things; usually snogging girls. Thirty years later, propelled by Feargal Sharkey’s unworldly vocals, the sheer exuberance of these gauche but gifted teenagers remains undimmed. A whopping 17 added tracks (non-album singles including Teenage Kicks, B-Sides, Peels sessions) and bassist Michael Bradley’s magic-evoking sleevenotes ensure their legacy has been lovingly tended. The Undertones were a magnificent pop band and this remains a magnificent pop album. [John Aizlewood - Q]

This – The Undertones’ first album, re-released with seventeen bonus tracks and the video for ‘Teenage Kicks’ – is the soundtrack to those times that even the grumpiest bus driver can whistle: simple, short, catchy and beautiful, and all chiming with those Derry grins and battered parkas…the incredible power of anti-fashion in pop. Great sleeve notes written by bassist Michael Bradley and in the bonus tracks some real gems – not least of which is the B-side of ‘Get Over You’ and a furiously wonderful song called ‘She Can Only Say No’. A remarkable album, not just for nostalgia’s sake but for still sounding so raw, exciting and whistleable all this time later. [Boff Whalley - R2 Magazine]

1. Family Entertainment
2. Girls Don’t Like it
3. Male Model
4. I Gotta Getta
5. Wrong Way
6. Jump Boys
7. Here Comes The Summer (LP version)
8. Billy’s Third
9. Jimmy Jimmy
10. True Confessions (Keyboard Version)
11. (She’s A) Runaround
12. I Know A Girl
13. Listening In
14. Casbah Rock
15. Teenage Kicks (Single Version)
16. True Confessions
17. Emergency Cases
18. Smarter Than You
19. Get Over You (Single Version)
20. Really Really
21. She Can Only Say No
22. Here Comes The Summer (Single Version)
23. One Way Love
24. Top Twenty
25. Mars Bars
26. You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It!) (Single Version)
27. Let’s Talk About Girls
28. Top Twenty (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979)
29. Nine Times Out Of Ten (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979)
30. The Way Girls Talk (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979)
31. Whiz Kids (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979)