Bay City Rollers

The band sold an estimated 150 million albums in the 1970’s and had a string of hits around the world including Shang-A-Lang, Bye Bye Baby, Saturday Night and I Only Wanna Be With You The classic line up of the band was Alan Longmuir (bass), Derek Longmuir (drums), Les McKeown (vocals), Stuart `Woody’ Wood (guitar) and Eric Faulkner (guitar).

Both Les and Eric continue to tour with different line ups of the Bay City Rollers

The band were originally called The Saxons and hailed from Edinburgh in Scotland. They changed their name to sound more American after throwing a dart at a map of the USA where it landed near Bay City in Michigan. The band would later change its name to The Rollers with Duncan Faure taking over singing duties.

The band had their own TV series in the UK called Shang-A-Lang. The content consisted of Rollers singing their own songs, musical guests of the day, a roll back section looking at musical history, dancers called Him And Us and musical talent from Big Jim Sullivan. They also had a similar show in the USA called The Bay City Rollers (originally called The Krofft Superstar Hour!) 

The band were managed by Tam Paton, the son of a potato merchant. It was his idea to present the band as sweet boys next door who preferred milk to alcohol. He also banned them from having girlfriends.

The band could all play their own instruments with many of their most popular songs written by Eric Faulkner and Stuart `Woody’ Wood

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